“If people become aware of their contribution to the biodiversity crisis, I know they will act to prevent it!”



Your 20 dollars helps turn the BIODIVERSITY CRISIS into a THRIVING ECOSYSTEM of 20 million acres of native plants. Help us reach and motivate millions of people to
Thank you!

We, Doug Tallamy and Michelle Alfandari, co-founded Homegrown National Park® to reach millions of people unaware of the biodiversity crisis due to loss of habitat and spur them to action!

This email launches our $20 for 20 million acres campaign - a great “investment” in “land” (aka our planet): If we succeed in turning 20 million acres of lawn, now an ecological deadscape, into native plantings, our ROI will be regenerating biodiversity and ecosystem services we all need to survive.

Please “Invest” – it takes resources to reach and motivate everyone – everywhere!

In less than a year over 11,000 people are on the Homegrown National Park® MAP! Impressive as that is for a start-up, it’s far from enough. We need resources to ramp up this effort, to reach millions of people quickly and spark action before more species we need to survive are lost.

20 Million Acres:
Our initial goal is converting ½ of the 40 million U.S. acres now in lawn into 20 million acres of thriving landscapes built from native plants.

20 Dollars:
If thousands, maybe millions of you give $20+ (and get on the MAP) – we can do the job of calling to action millions of people. We can succeed and take great pride in being part of regenerating biodiversity for generations to come, creating the largest Homegrown National Park in the world!  What a legacy!

Please PASS THIS ON to friends, neighbors, family, acquaintances & strangers!

Thank you!

Doug Tallamy & Michelle Alfandari
Co-founders, Homegrown National Park, Inc.


Homegrown National Park® is a grassroots call-to-action to regenerate biodiversity by planting native. All donations go directly to our cause.

The reason we formed HNP is that there are not enough people who are aware of the biodiversity crisis or what they can do to prevent it and solve it. We are a catalyst for action: we raise awareness of the issue, provide the grassroots solution – and then make it easy to get started.

URGENCY: Ours is not a “slow-build” strategy – we must act now – reaching millions of people to take small actions to regenerate biodiversity before more species we all need to survive disappear. Our “target demographic” is everyone- everywhere! Our messaging is consistent with the way Doug Tallamy has inspired action for over a decade:  We are not “telling” people what to do, we present the problem and the way to solve it in a way that motivates action. 

If we are successful, and we don’t have a choice to be otherwise, we will create a consumer demand for native plants and all related services and a culture change in our relationship to nature.

HNP is a volunteer organization with key independent contractors working at reduced rates and a small active board of directors.

ALL we do is dedicated to solving the biodiversity crisis via a grassroots action

1. Your donation goes to: Raising awareness of the biodiversity crisis in a way that motivates people to take action. To do this we need to reach millions of people where they live, work, learn, play, pray, and hang-out!  We are currently doing this via social media, newsletters/email blasts, the website, speaking, podcasts, informational content, a growing resource directory, collaboration with businesses and non-profit organizations, signage, and more.  All this takes a great deal of time and resources.  

2. Your donation goes to making it easy to get started including our website and a robust resource directory. Once we have someone’s interest in the crisis, we want to make it as easy as possible to get started on the solution:  Essential is on-going development of a user-friendly comprehensive resource directory to nurseries, landscape designers, local organizations and groups, national organizations, plant finder websites, books, podcasts, videos.  We are continually creating content and gathering information, keeping it all up-to-date and relevant -  all of which takes time and money.

3.Your donation goes to The Homegrown National Park® MAP: The HNP MAP is a community centric visual, a point of engagement and metric for reaching our goals. It shows the importance of each individual’s plantings to the greater whole, their part in creating new ecological networks and each state/county/ZIP’s activity.  It is a metric of our success for participants and donors. The map is an interactive tool, a web-based APP, that requires ongoing development, hosting, maintenance and continual improvements to the user experience and functionality - at great time and expense.

4. Your donation goes to keeping the wheels of this grassroots movement in motion. As a non-profit, we need all the administrative and operational oversight to ensure 100% transparency and compliance.  There are legal and accounting expenses. There is much more we can do, but we need your support to do it!

5. Your donation at work: Everyone can see the results of their donations from the number of people and acres on the MAP.

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