Designing a Small Meadow Garden with Commonly-Available Native Plants – Benjamin Vogt

Designing a Small Meadow Garden with Commonly-Available Native Plants – Benjamin Vogt Finding the Right Native Plants It’s easy to be overwhelmed at the nursery shopping for new plants, especially when you want to create a wildlife habitat. And plant tags seldom provide enough or even the right information to make informed decisions suitable for …

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4 Universal Landscape Goals – By Doug Tallamy

There are four ecological functions every landscape must perform if we are to achieve a sustainable relationship with the natural world that supports us (and continuing to insist on landscapes that do not sustain mother nature is not and has never been a realistic option). It’s really very simple; our landscapes must do the things that enable ecosystems to produce the life support we and every other species requires.

Why Ecoregions? By Doug Tallamy

Plants do not distribute themselves according to political boundaries like state or county. Plants grow where they can, based on soil type, rainfall, temperature, altitude, and past geological events like glaciation.  And these environmental conditions do not follow state boundaries.

Monarch Butterfly Listed as Engangered – article by Doug Tallamy

This week the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) listed the North American migratory populations of the monarch butterfly as an endangered species. Having declined 75%, 85%, or 95%, depending on which eastern population you are talking about, or over 99% if you are referring to the California monarch, the direction the most iconic butterfly in the world is heading is painfully clear. Monarchs are in trouble both in the north where they breed and in Mexico where they spend the winter months.

Biodiversity Day – 22 May

In case you haven’t heard, life on earth is in trouble. This is why I am asking you to get on the Homegrown National Park® MAP. Each and every one of us has the power to regenerate biodiversity and we don’t have the luxury of time to do it.

RLEP Lights Us Up!

Thank you Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection! RLEP’s efforts generously empower us to offer everyone the share-worthy, downloadable & customizable brochure about the biodiversity crisis, HNP and what each of us can do to “get started” and get ON THE MAP!

Plant it native – plant it forward: Spread the Word! / September 22, 2021

We are thrilled that we have so many entries on the Homegrown National Park® MAP representing acres and acres of land planted native!!

Big THANK YOU to all you early-adopters for taking the initiative to GET ON THE MAP!, for being ‘influencers’, for supporting the HNP call-to-action, for expressing your enthusiasm and encouraging others to get on the MAP. YOU cannot know how much your action and comments mean to Doug and me. We THANK YOU so much! HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!

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