What are invasive species?

(Will write a bit more for each of these) Invasive species are organisms that have been moved outside of their native range by humans, established populations, and are spreading.

Why are invasive species bad for native biodiversity?

Invasive plants are ecological tumors that spread unchecked into our local ecosystems, castrating the ecosystem’s ability to function.

What will happen if I remove invasive species?

If every property owner removed the most egregious invasives, the goal of ridding the U.S. of these troublemakers, or at least reducing their seed rain to manageable levels, would be largely realized.


  1. If you already know what plants you have and want to check the native range, go to the PLANTS database and skip step 2.


  2. Figure out what plant species you have. Can use many apps, here is a link to inaturalist.

  3. For more info on invasive species and to report, see

  4. For way to control and remove invasive species, go to


  5. For specific information on how to remove an invasive species, google the name and your preferred method of control, or simply search the name and removal

    • There is no go to resource for everything, although some good local resources do exist

    • I would also recommend reaching out to your local extension officer or master gardeners

  6. Many landscapers will remove invasive species, and there are even companies that specialize in it.

Kudzu (Pueraria montana) overtaking a stand of trees in Ohio
Kudzu (Pueraria montana) overtaking a stand of trees in Ohio

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