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Thanks to WDTN in Ohio for featuring the native habitat of Brandon Hough, our Executive Director!

“It used to be all grass just three years ago. It’s now — it’s native prairie for all the native wildflowers and native grasses that would have been in Ohio before,” says Brandon Hough, as he looks over his backyard. “Between native grasses such as flowers and trees, at least over 100 species are here.

“We’ve lost half of the insects in our country,” says Hough. “We’ve lost 3 billion birds in the last 50 years. Monarchs are endangered. And it’s because of habitat loss. “

But the good news is that there’s time to turn it around.

“We’re not telling people you can’t have a yard,” he says. “I still have lots of lawn, my child and my dog to run around. We just want people to have to give some, you know, give some of your garden back to nature.”

Overall, Hough has hope for the future.

“We were founded three years ago, and 39,000 people have gone on our website and, you know, told us about their plantings”, says Hough. “And that has totaled over 100,000 acres in just three years.”

Hough says it’s on all of us to leave our environments better than we found them because, frankly, we need it.

“We have a responsibility for our children and our grandchildren to do this.”

Read the full WDTN' full article here.

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