RLEP Lights Us Up!

RLEP Lights Us Up!

Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection (RLEP)  LIGHTS US UP!

Thanks to RLEP’s efforts we can offer everyone the share-worthy, downloadable & customizable brochure about the biodiversity crisis, HNP and what each of us can do to “get started” and get ON THE MAP!

RLEP is a non-profit organization located in scenic, rural Rappahannock County, Virginia. rlep.org

From Clare Lindsay of RLEP: “This year, RLEP decided to promote the “Homegrown National Park” initiative in our county and to challenge our residents and landowners to “GET ON THE MAP”. As with many other places in the USA, including rural enclaves like ours, the biodiversity of Rappahannock County is under attack from invasive species and loss of native plants, birds and insects. And given that we are in fact “next door” to a National Park, we thought the idea of “homegrown national parks” would be quite resonant to our neighbors and landowners.

Many see the task of protecting and restoring biodiversity as challenging, to say the least. So we wondered how to get into people’s hands a list of key steps to begin revitalizing their yards, fields and forests. That is why we adapted guidance from the HNP website into an attractive and simplified brochure, including links to more detailed information on the HNP website for those who want to learn more.

We hope other communities will find the brochure a good way to introduce their residents to this essential national challenge.


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