Christian Cooper Wins an Emmy!

Congratulations to longtime HNP supporter Christian Cooper, who won the award for Outstanding Daytime Personality for hosting the National Geographic Wild series, “Extraordinary Birder”.

What an extraordinary achievement for an extraordinary human!

Container Gardening with Keystone Native Plants

You might recognize Christian from our features about his impressive rooftop garden in New York. This native container garden is further proof that habitat can be created anywhere.

Christian Cooper for Email

"This makes it easy for us folks without soil beneath our feet to turn our little corner of the world greener with crucial native plants.

"I’ve focused on natives in my rooftop container garden for 20 years—native plants support our bugs and in turn our birds--and I wish this had been around when I first started! (I had to learn the part about using the largest containers possible the hard way).

“I was already in love with the Homegrown National Park concept: ordinary people taking it upon themselves to be part of the solution to the biodiversity crisis! Now, with the Container Gardening With Keystones Guide added to the HNP site, I’m head over heels."

-Christian Cooper

Christian Cooper Patio 3

Learn more about which plants to use for your own container garden using our Keystone Plant Guides.

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